Welcome to my new and improved website! At the top of this page is a menu with my bio, music, videos and contact information. Please feel free to explore and learn more about my music! 

I have just returned to LA from my west coast mini tour with Charles McDonald. We travelled up to San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle playing shows in local coffee bars and restaurants along the way. It was a great experience and I have posted pictures of our trip up on facebook and instagram! I just want to thank everyone who helped us put together this tour. It was a big success and I'm so glad to have played with Charles and Tommy P! 

Now that I'm back in LA, my goals have changed as to what I would like to accomplish this year with my music. I have played over 60 shows so far this year and have met many musicians with whom I would like to collaborate. My focus now with my music is to write more material, learn more covers and make videos for my youtube channel. I am still going to play on the Santa Monica Promenade on the weekends and at the Melrose Trading Post so I will post on my social media sites when I will be out there.  I'm currently doing some vocal work at WAVA Studios in Burbank, so hopefully you will get to see some of the work I have done with them this year! 

In other news, I just wanted to share a cover I recently recorded of Build Me Up Buttercup by the Foundations. Special Thanks go out to Gyasi Ross for recording the cinematography. :-) 


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