Joni Mitchell Gig at the Coffee Gallery




  Here is a snippet of one of the songs I played at my Joni Mitchell Tribute show at the Coffee Gallery Backstage in Pasadena. I opened for Daylight Again, a tribute band to Crosby, Stills and Nash.  You can find out more about the band's members at I hope to play another Joni Mitchell gig in the future! I don't usually play covers, but it was a nice change from my own music.

The hardest part about learning Joni's songs is remembering all the lyrics! She was quite the wordy bird. For this gig, I did everything in DADF#AD, except for "A Case of You", which I played in open tuning. I like learning Joni's song's because I am more familiar with the different fact I find them easier to play than standard tuning. All you have to do is bar one the frets on the guitar and it sounds amazing.

Cindy Melendrez has posted some more videos of this gig up on youtube! Please check them out if you haven't done so already. :-)