Cover Song Requests

Is there a cover song in Katie's catalogue that you would like to download on Bandcamp, or listen to on streaming services such as Apple music, or  Spotify? Would you like to see a live performance of this song on YouTube or on her next live stream?  Katie has over 550 songs in her cover repertoire to chose from and  will make an acoustic recording in her home studio,  video, live stream or all of the above specifically for you! 

She can also learn a song that is not on her song list! (Additional time and fees may apply)

A cover song recording or video makes a great gift to a loved one for their birthday, anniversary, memorial or to celebrate a corporate event! Katie's renditions of songs are unique pieces of art. She interprets each cover song like they are her own compositions. If you are looking for a heartfelt performance of one of your favorite songs, contact Katie to sing it for you! 

Delivery 2-4 weeks. Time can vary depending on difficulty of the song

Cover Song Request Packages

Song recording chosen from my song list 

- Vocal + Guitar, or ukulele arrangement

-Includes mixing and mastering 

-Shout out on Katie's next live-stream! 


Song Learn + Recording 

- One song not on the song list

-Vocal +Guitar, or ukulele arrangement

-Includes mixing and mastering

-Shout out on Katie's next live-stream! 

Song learn or song from song list + high quality YouTube video 

-One song (either on the list or learned) 

-Vocal +Guitar, or ukulele arrangement

-Shout out on Katie's next live-stream!

-Includes mixing and mastering 

-4k or 1080p High Quality Video posted to youtube with your name in the credits. 

Sample Request Video and Recording

This video is dedicated to Mike Miledi! Thank you so much for the request and the support with my music! It was so cool to learn about the story of this song and it's relation to 911. 

Add Ons

-Full band recording (Fees depend on studio cost, musician rates and mixing hours) 

-Additional production and arrangement (synths, beats etc) : For this I would want to work with another producer or mixing engineer. Fees can vary

- Digital Distrobution Fees (If Released on Distrokid) 

-Live acoustic  performance of song anywhere in the US and abroad (not including travel expenses such as flight, gas, hotel, etc) 


1.) Will you sing me a metal song? 

Definitely not. Please keep song requests in the acoustic, folk, pop, country, and  Americana genres. Katie reserves the right to accept or pass on a request that's not to her liking, genre, or vocal style. 

2.) Can you sing a cover song in another language? 

Katie is open to singing songs in Spanish, Italian and French. If you would like her to sing in another language besides these, it really depends on the song and how much time it would take to learn the pronunciation. It doesn't hurt to ask! She is open to learning new languages.

3.) Popular Songs Only Please!  

If it is a popular song request Katie can use the song in her weekly gigs and events. Obscure songs aren't always a no, however Katie prefers that you chose something that can be played over and over again. 

4.) What if I don't like the recording? 

This has never been the case when learning a cover song, but since they are up to Katie's interpretation there's always a chance it will not be to your liking. If this is the case, please send Katie an email to express your concerns. 

5.) Who owns the song? 

Katie will own the copyright to the recorded song. Any songwriting and publishing royalties would of course go to the original songwriter. You are welcome to share the song with friends and family but nothing is to be shared publicly without permission from Katie first. By commissioning a cover song request, you agree that Katie may re-work, record and release the song in the future.