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Thanks for stopping by to my official website where you can find all my original music, or check out my event booking page! Below are some of the most current musical updates as well as my upcoming gigs. I’m so glad to be playing out again! Thanks everyone for your tips and donations during the pandemic. It really helped me keep some of these creative projects going! 

Fyi: I try to stream my gigs on Facebook or Instagram when I get reception. If you would like to tune in online, please check out the time I’m playing on Bandsintown :) I have over 1000 followers now! 

We are Here Claymation Music Video

I've released my very first animation to my latest single "We are Here"-a jazzy song that questions the meaning of life, the universe and existence. Thank you so much for tuning into the watch party online! My goal is to release a new video each week or everyone two weeks on YouTube. I'll post about it on social media and in my newsletter! 

This video took about a month to make. I worked with an animator from Italy during the pandemic to come up with a simple concept and characters. Claymation is very labor intensive and I was so impressed at how fast Alexsej completed all the work! This song is the second single off my next full length album! I'm currently recording one more in the studio. Stay tuned for more! 


Written by Katie Ferrara, Bob Brisco and Vincent Muehter 

Musical Production by Fernando Perdomo and Katie Ferrara

Vocal Production by Keith Parry

Drums: Rob Humpreys

Keys and Whistles: Charles Mcdonald

Guitar: Vincent Muheter

Animation: Aleksej Pezzi 

Listen on Spotify by Clicking on the image!

Listen on Spotify by Clicking on the image!

The Street Sessions-Oh Amelia Live Looping Video

I recorded the audio for this video from my QSC speakers in front of the Amelia Earhart Memorial in North Hollywood. Last month I wrote this song after reading about Amelia's biography online. I've been wanting to make more of these live videos for a while. They will be part of a live music series on YouTube and Spotify for you to listen to. The next location features tracks recorded in Highland Park! 

Click to listen on Spotify

Click to listen on Spotify

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